Advice and liability
Top Website Hosting is not liable for the information contained in the website. The information is for educational purposes only and is not to be used for providing advice, legal or otherwise. The organization maintains that the information contained in the website, though accurate, may affected by environmental factors not within the control of the company, making it accurate. You, as a user of this website, should not dispense advice based on the information contained in the website. Damages sustained due to non adherence to this advice will not be indemnified by the company.

Top Website Hosting provides hosting reviews of new and old webhosting companies. The reviews, including editor’s pick, written by experienced employees who have considerable knowledge about web hosting companies, features of web hosting and the difference in services. However, these reviews are subject to change, and cannot be held against the company. Customer reviews are the reviews received from the customer who have used the web hosting services. Like other website hosting review companies, Top Website Hosting receives compensation from the webhosting companies for reviewing their products we test all the hosting providers manually and then do a numerous amount of tests using software., its affiliates, its employees, or anybody concerned with maintaining the website will not be responsible for direct, indirect, or consequential damages or expenses arising out of use of information contained in the website.

Security and Confidentiality
The information on the internet can be intercepted, lost or modified in a way that is contrary to the true intent of the company. Top Website Hosting declares that it will not be liable for damages caused by interception of sensitive information over the internet. The company will do all to safeguard safety of all information but in the event something untoward happens the responsibility will be with the customer alone.    

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