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Name: GreenGeeks VPS Hosting
Brand: GreenGeeks
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Features: Reliable green web hosting | 24/7 support | Unlimited disk space | 30 day money back guarantee | 99.99% network uptime | Dual Core Nehalem processors, RAID-10 Arrays 

GreenGeeks is one of the leading green VPS hosting firms in the world. GreenGeeks runs on 100% green energy. The amount of Carbon monoxide emissions it saves every year is equivalent to planting thousands of trees. Not only this, GreenGeeks is also known for providing top class VPS hosting services. It offers a no question asked, money back guarantee, if you are not happy with the services offered, Also North American Customer support is available on a 7/24/365 basis. Technical support is also available round the clock to iron out any glitch that, unheeded, will invariably slow down the performance of your website.

Price Value
When it comes to price value, GreenGeeks provides a winning combination of environment friendly policies, unmatched performance, and 24 hour customer service that makes it peerless in the hosting industry. Each package comes with unlimited FTP, sub-domains, add on domains, email accounts, email support. You also get SSH access, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited domains and free marketing credits. The servers operate on secure Linux OS with high performance Dual Quad Core Front end servers to ensue smooth performance. 

GreenGeeks offers 99.99% network uptime. The high performance Dual Quad Core front end servers ensure that your information is managed with optimum amount of care. The servers are monitored every 10 second on a 24/7 basis. Backups are made nightly to ensure you remain in control even if the server crashes. Spam protection, regular security updates ensure that your data remains protected. When it comes to hardware, GreenGeeks trusts only the best. Dual core Nehalem processors, RAID-10 arrays and high grade networks ensure that you get the best hosting experience, time after time.     
Control Panel
GreenGeeks provides the best cPanel and Plesk control panel on all its hosting plans.

Customer Support
Customer support is invariably top class. Other than the usual email, phone and chat support, GreenGeeks also provides audio and video streaming, flash support and MIDI File support. Online resources also include a cache of knowledge base articles that deal with common hosting troubleshooting issues.

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